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Interview With Director Joel Gilbert

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Why do you believe Ahmadinejad is preparing a "Coming War for Islamic Revival"?
President Ahmadinejad's speech at the United Nations last September was nothing less than a declaration of war against America. In my film, you'll see excerpts from many Ahmadinejad speeches in which he highlights a similar message: Islamic civilization is morally superior and destined to ultimate success, while America is a corrupt, immoral and godless society whose core values of liberalism and capitalism are the source of all oppression, wars, and poverty in the world. Meanwhile, the Islamic world is ordained by God and His messengers to fight for equality, justice and fraternity. Ahmadinejad is very clear that America must be destroyed for humanity to find salvation.

Why don't you believe Iran's nuclear program is for peaceful purposes?
Ahmadinejad has stated that nuclear technology is the key to Iran becoming "an invincible global power." Given Iran's Islamist agenda, this can only mean one thing - Iran will use its nuclear capabilities to shape the world according to the Islamist agenda. In addition, Iran is rich in oil and does not need nuclear energy. Most glaringly, Iran does not have sufficient facilities to convert nuclear fuel into electricity, while the clandestine nature of Iran's underground nuclear facilities at Natanz and Qom speaks volumes.

What is "Islamic Revival" and what is the Islamist agenda?
Since its Islamic revolution of 1979, Iran has been the undisputed leader of Islamism, the worldwide movement striving for revival of Muslim society from 300 years of decline. Islamists believe that by returning to the roots of their success, religion, that Islam can return to past glory. This means Islamic government over all Muslim lands, destruction of Israel, and eventual defeat of the West. In Islam, worldly events on a political level are an affirmation of faith. Therefore, as a devout Muslim, Ahmadinejad must use all means to reaffirm God's covenant with the Believers. Hence, the name of my film, Atomic Jihad.

What do you mean by President Obama's "Politics of Defeat"?
President Obama is pursuing a "new beginning" in U.S. relations with the Muslim world based on what he describes as the "shared hopes and common dreams" of America and Islam. This reveals a fundamental misunderstanding of both the Muslim world view and Islamist agenda. In addition, Obama is committed to diplomacy with Iran as a means to achieve nuclear compromise. His core belief is that once people start speaking, their differences disappear as they realize their "common aspirations." However, Islamism and Western secular society have little in common, while Islamic religious values cannot be changed by "talk" nor bought by economic incentives. In modern history, Obama's approach recalls the appeasement policies and naïveté of British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain prior to World War II. Chamberlain met with Adolph Hitler several times, believing "talk" would melt away differences. I believe we are living in similar times - an appeaser is the leader of the free world, while a uncompromising force is acquiring the means to change the balance of power to achieve a worldwide reality antipathetical to Western democracy while seeking ultimate victory over the West.

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